Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two For One! [2 Bentos 1 Day]

Last night I could not wait to make lunches for my boys. I've been seeing cute little mummy sandwiches online and having been wanting to try it out.
I was also SUPER excited to use my Hello Kitty cookie cutter for my lunch. I had to go into the office today, so I thought I'd pack myself a lunch too. I had a hard time eating it though because it was just TOO CUTE (in my opinion anyways). For those of you who know me...I like LOVE HELLO KITTY! 
Halloween Bento Lunch for Kids with Mummy Sandwich
The black background on the sandwich is Nori (seaweed)  and I used candy eyes. I even included a Dirt Cup! A favorite of my boys. It's the easiest thing to make: make jello, top with crushed Oreos, add gummy worms. Get grossed out a little bit, eat and enjoy! 

I entered my bento above on for the Halloween Meme! =)

BOTW: Halloween

Hello Kitty Bento Lunch with Hello Kitty shaped sandwich
Hello, Hello Kitty! This was my lunch and I love the final out come. Tuna sandwich, cucumber slices, hummus and corn. Nom... nom... nom. This one did take a little bit more time to put together but it was well worth it.


  1. Thanks Stella! =) You gotta get one of these cutters!

  2. How adorable! Both the Mummy and the Hello Kitty! I think I would have had a hard time eating that one too! I would have wanted to save it! lol! Too cute!!

  3. Your Halloween bento is adorable!! Love the mummy!

  4. Love your cute Mummy sandwich and the Hello Kitty sandwich is fab!