Thursday, December 19, 2013

Santa's Coming To Lunch

Welcome to either you first stop or one of many stops along our "Santa Claus Is Coming To Lunch" blog hop!  I hope you enjoying this holiday hop because we've got lots of Santa themed lunches for you!

This lunch was very easy to put together.  We made mini waffles sandwiches inspired by Momables and filled them with strawberry cream cheese.  Yum! To make the little Santa hat's, slice the top of the strawberry off and insert a toothpick.  Top the hat off with a mini marshmallow.  Ta-Da!  For Santa's mustache, I used, believe it or not, marshmallow goldfish from our bag of s'mores flavored Goldfish crackers.  You can also use a piece of cheese or leave the mustache off all together if you'd like.  And there you have it! Mini Santa Waffles!

Don't forget to click on the Santa button below! Your next stop on the hop will take you to my friend Perry of Dreams, Schemes, and Bento Themes.  She has super cute lunches Christmas lunches ready for your viewing!

7 more days till Santa arrives! I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and loved ones and that your New Year will be filled with blessings!! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cookies! Who Wants Cookies?

I've been meaning to post these for some time now and am FINALLY getting around to it.  These are just some of the cookies I've made in the past few months.  I really love making decorated cookies, more so than cupcakes and cakes (which I've done before).  I'll be sharing more again (soon!) but for more updated pictures you can follow me on Instagram @LovePeaceBento

Air Jordan Wedding Favors

Birthday Cookies 

 Nurse Themed Cookies

Pinterest inspired mini cookies in a jar.

Cupcake Cookies

One of my favorites! Halloween cookies!

Mermaid themed cookies

 Princess Crowns for Birthday Girl

 Back to School Cookies

School themed cookies for my mom's retirement party.