Saturday, December 7, 2013

Eeekk!!! I'm am so late!

Hi Everyone...I'd like to apologize for the lateness on this post.  It's been about a good month since I've last updated my blog.  It is now December and I'm FINALLY posting the last of our Halloween lunches. I know... I know... totally late, Liezl. And again I do apologize. Life just got...really busy all of a sudden.  I've still been making the boys lunches and honestly, November seemed to whiz right by.  Those pictures will be posted next.  I don't even know where that month went.  So here I am playing catch up...a lot of catch up! These were our last week of Halloween lunches.

I made Frankenstein pancakes which were inspired by my friend Michelle over at Creative Foods.  She has the cutest little pancakes.  If you head over you'll see she even has a Christmas tree pancake.  Super cute! I tried to use a squeeze bottle to make the pancakes, however I failed to realize that blueberry pancakes don't do well with squeeze bottle (yeah, the blueberries kept clogging up the spout). Haha! Lesson learned.  So I ended up having to use a spoon.  Which I think turned out fine though.  I mean Frankenstein wasn't perfectly made right? 

Our mini version of a pumpkin patch. We found little mini burgers in the freezer section and stuck some cupcake toppers in them. I like how all of the colors coordinate! I just noticed that! Purple, orange, and green. Yay me!

Our batty sandwich pocket.  We used our AnimalPalz cutter to make the bat.

And finally...our last Halloween lunch!! 
A witchy pandy who "mustache" you a question?

Whew! That was a long month of Halloween themed bentos.  Thank you so much for checking them out!! =) Hopefully these will give you some inspiration for next year. 

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