Sunday, December 8, 2013

One of My Favorites...

Back in October, my youngest son made a list of different bento theme lunches that he'd like for me to make.  I started working on some of those in November after we finished up with our Halloween themes.  
One of the ideas on his list, was of his little buddy, Ploppers.  Ploppers is very special to him.  Our son has had him since he was born and has slept with him every night.  Ploppers has gone with us on every family trip from Hawaii to our 5 day cruise.  He's the little buddy my son snuggles up to when he's not feeling well.  "I love Ploppers because I get to see him every single day and because I get to spend time with him." Even though my son is 8 years old, I love love love that he's still got his buddy Ploppers with him.  
This sweet and simple lunch is one of my favorites by far.  

Do your kids have any special stuffed toys, buddies that they hold dear to their heart?

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