Sunday, December 8, 2013

Welcome Back Jingle & Meet Our New a Friend, Bells!

December is here and it's that time of year again.  Christmas cheer, decking the halls, sleigh bells ringing and of course... Elf On The Shelf! 
We started our tradition last year when Jingle, made his first appearance.  He was a spunky little elf who the boys loved & couldn't wait to find everyday to see what he was up to.
Well this year, Jingle returned to our family once again & this time he brought a little friend with him.  He didn't know what her name was, so the boys named her Bells. So now we have two elves in our family.  Meet Jingle and Bells!  Here are the adventures they had this week! 

Jingles came back & he has a new friend with him.  It also looks like he brought some treats along with him!

We found them hiding in the cupboard the next day.

Silly Jingle and Bells seemed to have gotten themselves wrapped up in Christmas ribbon.

Double word score! Our elves playing a friendly game of Scrabble.

I think they were trying to tell us something... that we should really get started on our tree decorating.

Uh-oh! Bells has gotten into some mischief with Jingles in the bathroom!

They must have had a long night back from the North Pole because this morning they were just relaxing on the kitchen ledge.

I wonder what kind of fun (or trouble!) these two will get into next week.  Do you have any helper elves in your home? If you do, what kind of fun are that having? I would love to hear your stories! 

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