Thursday, December 19, 2013

Santa's Coming To Lunch

Welcome to either you first stop or one of many stops along our "Santa Claus Is Coming To Lunch" blog hop!  I hope you enjoying this holiday hop because we've got lots of Santa themed lunches for you!

This lunch was very easy to put together.  We made mini waffles sandwiches inspired by Momables and filled them with strawberry cream cheese.  Yum! To make the little Santa hat's, slice the top of the strawberry off and insert a toothpick.  Top the hat off with a mini marshmallow.  Ta-Da!  For Santa's mustache, I used, believe it or not, marshmallow goldfish from our bag of s'mores flavored Goldfish crackers.  You can also use a piece of cheese or leave the mustache off all together if you'd like.  And there you have it! Mini Santa Waffles!

Don't forget to click on the Santa button below! Your next stop on the hop will take you to my friend Perry of Dreams, Schemes, and Bento Themes.  She has super cute lunches Christmas lunches ready for your viewing!

7 more days till Santa arrives! I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and loved ones and that your New Year will be filled with blessings!! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cookies! Who Wants Cookies?

I've been meaning to post these for some time now and am FINALLY getting around to it.  These are just some of the cookies I've made in the past few months.  I really love making decorated cookies, more so than cupcakes and cakes (which I've done before).  I'll be sharing more again (soon!) but for more updated pictures you can follow me on Instagram @LovePeaceBento

Air Jordan Wedding Favors

Birthday Cookies 

 Nurse Themed Cookies

Pinterest inspired mini cookies in a jar.

Cupcake Cookies

One of my favorites! Halloween cookies!

Mermaid themed cookies

 Princess Crowns for Birthday Girl

 Back to School Cookies

School themed cookies for my mom's retirement party.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

One of My Favorites...

Back in October, my youngest son made a list of different bento theme lunches that he'd like for me to make.  I started working on some of those in November after we finished up with our Halloween themes.  
One of the ideas on his list, was of his little buddy, Ploppers.  Ploppers is very special to him.  Our son has had him since he was born and has slept with him every night.  Ploppers has gone with us on every family trip from Hawaii to our 5 day cruise.  He's the little buddy my son snuggles up to when he's not feeling well.  "I love Ploppers because I get to see him every single day and because I get to spend time with him." Even though my son is 8 years old, I love love love that he's still got his buddy Ploppers with him.  
This sweet and simple lunch is one of my favorites by far.  

Do your kids have any special stuffed toys, buddies that they hold dear to their heart?

Welcome Back Jingle & Meet Our New a Friend, Bells!

December is here and it's that time of year again.  Christmas cheer, decking the halls, sleigh bells ringing and of course... Elf On The Shelf! 
We started our tradition last year when Jingle, made his first appearance.  He was a spunky little elf who the boys loved & couldn't wait to find everyday to see what he was up to.
Well this year, Jingle returned to our family once again & this time he brought a little friend with him.  He didn't know what her name was, so the boys named her Bells. So now we have two elves in our family.  Meet Jingle and Bells!  Here are the adventures they had this week! 

Jingles came back & he has a new friend with him.  It also looks like he brought some treats along with him!

We found them hiding in the cupboard the next day.

Silly Jingle and Bells seemed to have gotten themselves wrapped up in Christmas ribbon.

Double word score! Our elves playing a friendly game of Scrabble.

I think they were trying to tell us something... that we should really get started on our tree decorating.

Uh-oh! Bells has gotten into some mischief with Jingles in the bathroom!

They must have had a long night back from the North Pole because this morning they were just relaxing on the kitchen ledge.

I wonder what kind of fun (or trouble!) these two will get into next week.  Do you have any helper elves in your home? If you do, what kind of fun are that having? I would love to hear your stories! 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Eeekk!!! I'm am so late!

Hi Everyone...I'd like to apologize for the lateness on this post.  It's been about a good month since I've last updated my blog.  It is now December and I'm FINALLY posting the last of our Halloween lunches. I know... I know... totally late, Liezl. And again I do apologize. Life just got...really busy all of a sudden.  I've still been making the boys lunches and honestly, November seemed to whiz right by.  Those pictures will be posted next.  I don't even know where that month went.  So here I am playing catch up...a lot of catch up! These were our last week of Halloween lunches.

I made Frankenstein pancakes which were inspired by my friend Michelle over at Creative Foods.  She has the cutest little pancakes.  If you head over you'll see she even has a Christmas tree pancake.  Super cute! I tried to use a squeeze bottle to make the pancakes, however I failed to realize that blueberry pancakes don't do well with squeeze bottle (yeah, the blueberries kept clogging up the spout). Haha! Lesson learned.  So I ended up having to use a spoon.  Which I think turned out fine though.  I mean Frankenstein wasn't perfectly made right? 

Our mini version of a pumpkin patch. We found little mini burgers in the freezer section and stuck some cupcake toppers in them. I like how all of the colors coordinate! I just noticed that! Purple, orange, and green. Yay me!

Our batty sandwich pocket.  We used our AnimalPalz cutter to make the bat.

And finally...our last Halloween lunch!! 
A witchy pandy who "mustache" you a question?

Whew! That was a long month of Halloween themed bentos.  Thank you so much for checking them out!! =) Hopefully these will give you some inspiration for next year.