Friday, October 26, 2012

Sometimes, Simple Works Too

It's Friday! Yippee! I hope that all of you had a wonderful week & that your weekend will be fun and eventful. I know, I know, I sound as excited as I feel as I'm still trying to kick this cold and get back into the full swing of things (ever since Wednesday I have been not been feeling 100%).
Last night we had our niece sleep over so I had 3 lunches to pack. I honestly wished I could have made my little Sparky (that's her nickname!) a cute Hello Kitty bento lunch, but Auntie BFF (what she calls me!) just didn't have the energy last night. I kept it simple, and sometimes simple is best. I showed her this morning and she was thrilled! 
Kids Bento box lunch with mini character sandwiches.
I used mini sandwich cutters shaped like a bear, elephant and rabbit. There's also a star and heart sandwich.  Grapes and carrots and since it's Friday I included a little treat: Vanilla Bear Panda Cookies.

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