Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Fun!

Now it's the month of October. I've added Star Wars cookie presses (available at WilliamsSonoma.com) and food markers to my tool tool box. My boys and hubby are huge Star Wars fans nerds! I also found Jr. Scrabble themed Cheeze-Its. They're fun to add little spelled out words in the boys lunches (but a pain to actually find the letters you need).

Star Wars PBJ Sandwich, left over corn cake (left overs work great for lunch!), Cheeze-Its and Grapes.

Chicken Drumsticks, Tortilla, Grapes.

Mini Chicken burgers (Trader Joe's has mini buns that fit well into a bento box), string cheese, grapes and a granola bar. I was trying to get into the Halloween spirit with it being October now. I added a skull pick to help go with the theme.

My oldest on requested Spam & Eggs for lunch one day so this is what I came up with. I have a Mickey Mouse mold that I used when I cooked the egg. I added strawberries and cheese puffs in the top layer.

Hi-Chew!!! It was Friday so I just put together some items
that I knew the boys would like. Hard boiled egg in the shape of a star (I used a mold), pumpkin muffin, string cheese, grapes, Boba Fett PBJ & Hi-Chew candy. TGIF!