Thursday, October 18, 2012

Let Me Tell You About Cookie Butter

I asked my little man last night what he kind of lunch he wanted and said "Pumpkin! Oh and something with Cookie Butter! PLEASE!!!!" If you haven't heard of Cookie Butter (available at Trader Joe's), then you are missing out. It's like...Christmas on a spoon. Literally. If you love the taste of gingerbread cookies, then this my friend, is for you. My youngest and I will eat this stuff right out of the jar. Which is why I can only keep 1 jar at time in our house. My husband and older son would rather not come near the stuff.  That's ok though! More for us! Enough rambling about my love for cookie is the bento for today.
Mickey Mouse Halloween bento lunch for kids
 I wasn't sure how to make the mini sandwiches resemble Mickey Mouse, so I just left the cut outs as it (which is actually a bear head). I used food markers to decorate the Clementine and mini cookie butter sandwiches as pumpkins. And nothing says Halloween like a star shaped egg, right?

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