Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkins and Bats and Ghosts! Oh My!

I'm finally getting into the swing of the Halloween spirit. I picked up a Ghost Cookie Cutter  and a silicon skulls and cross mold(my Bento collection keeps growing!). Most of the items I buy are from the grocery store, Target. I got lucky when I was at Cost Plus Market and found the silicon mold there.
So far the boys have been enjoying their lunches (from what they have told me). 

Ghost bento kids lunch with ghost shaped sandwich
Turkey and Cheese Ghost Sandwich, baby carrots, cheese puffs, granola bar and strawberries.

Pumpkin shaped Mac-N-Cheese, steamed broccoli, hot dogs (these were chicken hot dogs from Trader Joe's which actually weren't too bad in my opinion). I added a new fruit to their lunch as well: Kiwi.
The skull and cross bones in yogurt that I froze in the molds. Cool huh? I found that tip online.

Pizza roll with marinara dipping sauce, clementine orange disguised as a pumpkin, apple sauce and Hi-Chew.

Grilled Cheese pumpkin sandwich, cheese puffs, apple, grapes, granola bar.

PBJ Sandwich and in the middle I cut out a bat shape and filled with sprinkles. (Hey, it's Friday!). The little bats are provolone cheese. Grapes and fruit chews on the side.