Friday, October 12, 2012

Getting The Hang of It

After my sad attempt at my first bento box, I did some more research Googl'ing and found stores where I could buy bento boxes and supplies. AWESOME! I did a little bit of shopping and picked up 2 bento boxes, some small plastic containers for dipping sauces, metal food cutters (see the stars below) and a few more silicone cups. I also picked some plastic grass "baran" also known as food separators. They add a nice little touch.  Below are the lunches that boys took the first week of school.

Mini Chicken Tacos, Fat-Free "Refried" Beans with provolone stars and grapes. 
The sauce on the side is Tapatio, per my older son's request.

Mini whole wheat bagel sandwichh (I can't remember what was inside), Turkey and Cheese rolls, Low Fat Wheat Thins, Apples and 2 Angry Bird Gummies.

We changed it up a bit and had breakfast for lunch! Boys loved it! Waffles, chicken sausages and apple slices.

Friday is pizza day at school. This was our lunch alternative. Thank to Pinterest, I found a recipe where you use low-fat crescent rolls that you bake with mozzarella cheese in them. Side dipping sauce is pizza sauce. I added some color with the strawberries and cantaloupe balls. Those little puffs are from Trader Joes.