Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful For U & Fish Themed Bento

Today I went a little overboard and made 2 different lunches. Again, a very rare occasion. My youngest one was going on a field trip the Aquarium of the Pacific here in Long Beach.  I promised him I would make him a special lunch for his trip.  I didn't want to make the same one for my older son so I made him something different. Call me "Crazy Over Ambitious Mom".  I can't help it.  Making these lunches have gotten the best of my creativity and I love it.  It's like scrap booking with food!  

First lunch was for my older son.  It was left over pizza from our end of the season soccer party we had last night.  Thank goodness my friend talked me into taking the left over pizza home because I know my son wouldn't have wanted a sandwich for lunch.  I used my handy dandy letter cutters for the message, cut up some strawberries and put in some yogurt covered pretzels.

This lunch was for my little one. I so LOVE how his whole lunch came out! Probably one of my favorites.  This little fishes are just too adorable.  I packed him a pbj sandwich, gold fish (of course!), yogurt pretzels and strawberries.  

When I showed him lunch, his first concern: 
"Mom! I need to be able to throw it away. I can't bring home all that stuff."

Handled. Daiso sells disposable bento boxes so I told him he had nothing to worry about and that he could throw away the container and everything else.

And when he came home:

Aiden: "Oh mommy! I forgot to tell you something!"

Me: "Yes, honey."

Aiden: "Umm, my fishies moved when I got my lunch!"

Me: "It's okay baby! Fishies swim remember?"

Aiden: "Oh yeah!"


  1. Your lunches are cute and the one with leftover pizza is perfect for my leftovers linky party! Please stop by and link your lunch up! Leftovers on Fridays

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    1. Thanks for participating! This weeks leftovers linky is now up. Please feel free to link up another lunch with leftovers :-)