Friday, November 9, 2012

Angry Birds Have Arrived!

We love Angry Birds at our house. We have Angry Bird pajama's for the boys, toys, games on the iPod (of course!) and sleeping eye masks (YES!). Now they have made their debut in our kitchen. AND with the release of the new Star Wars version of the game, I thought it was only fitting to make an Angry Bird bento.  Needless to say my boys were pretty excited when I showed them.
I used my new Cute-Z-Cute cutter to make the piggy.  The sandwich cutter was very easy to use! 
I used a nori puncher for the hair and eye brows & pupils of the bird, cheese for the eyes and carrots for the beak.  
My youngest son is so funny! I was making their lunch and this was the conversation:

Aiden: "Mom, where do eggs come from?"
Me: "They come from chickens, honey."
Aiden: "Even the hard boiled eggs?"
Me: "Yes, Aiden. Even the hard boiled eggs.  All of the eggs we eat come from chickens."
Aiden: "Oh!! Because I thought eggs just come from any bird that's around in the sky!"

Oh my little one, I love these little conversations.

Angry Birds bento lunch with sandwich and hardboiled egg
Piggie sandwich is pjb, hard boiled egg for the bird and Angry Bird graham crackers. I also included a side of all natural apple sauce but I couldn't fit it in the box.

Now... this mommy has some Star Wars Angry Birds to play on her phone!