Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I "Mustache" You A Question

Hello my fellow readers! Today I was back to making lunches since yesterday was a school holiday for Veteran's Day. It was a nice little break & the kids enjoyed lounging around all day.  I, myself, had to work.

Today's lunch was inspired by this little guy right here: Hello Mr. Tycoon. This is my youngest and he was trying to decide which one looked good on him.  Good choice, sir! 

This weekend my sister picked up some goodies for the boys and one of the items was a slap bracelet (above) with different mustaches printed on it!  Mustaches have been so trendy lately and I'll be the first to admit that I love this trend.  Why? I honestly can't tell you why, but I love seeing the black little staches on mugs, stationary, sunglasses and even baby clothes (I bought my cousin a onesie with a mustache for their new baby boy). I just think they are cute. Heck, I've even seen Hello Kitty sporting a mustache so they can't be that bad. Mr. Tycoon's picture then inspired their lunch below.  Do you see a resemblance? Ha!

Cute-Z-Cute Panda Sandwiches
Mr. Tycoon wanted a turkey & cheese sandwich AND a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
There are grapes and apples for their fruit and of course we can't forget the panda creme filled cookies.
I am loving the mustache on the panda which is/was a food pick, but i cut the little stem of so that it would lay flat.

Disclaimer: To my dearest husband if you are reading this, I like mustaches on paper, graphics, clothes, food picks...etc. Please do not interpret this that I am giving you the red light to grow a mustache. Thank you.


  1. hahahahah cute lunch but I love your disclaimer ;) LOL

    1. Thanks!! Yeah I had to make sure he was clear on that. ;) Thanks for visiting!

  2. I agree with the abve! The disclaimer made me laugh!

    1. Hi Anna! Thanks for stopping by & for the follow! :)