Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Bento!

Our oldest son celebrated his 11th birthday on Monday.  Normally we take them to Disneyland on their birthdays, but he's grown into (and is still growing) into such a responsible young man.  He wanted to be at school instead so that he wouldn't miss anything from school.  I am a proud momma!  So, instead, I sent him to school with a special birthday lunch (he was ok with this just for today).  And since it was National Dessert Day,  I sort of themed his lunch around desserts as well.

The cupcake sandwich is actually a turkey and cheese sandwich. I also include some chicken nuggets (one of his favorite foods), some cookies and ube cake (it's a type of Filipino cake).  He was pretty happy about the cake since that's his favorite one as well.

I love you so my little man.  Even though you're 11 now and you're almost taller than me, you will always be the little peanut that slept on top of a pillow because you were that small.  You'll always be the little 2 year old who LOVED Bear In The Big Blue House and The Wiggles.  I'll never forget the time when you fell asleep with the turtle back pack on (the back pack was from Build-A-Bear ) and you were just so cute! I won't ever stop telling you on every birthday about the day you were born.  It was one of the most unforgettable days of my life.  It was the day God blessed your dad and I with such wonderful son.  You are my sunshine and I pray that you will always keep God close to your heart and that He will continue to guide you in all that you do.  

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