Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Lunches - Part 2! The Fun Continues

Welcome back everyone! We are into our second week of fun themed Halloween lunches!  We are already half way through October and my youngest has finally made up his mind on what he wants to be for Halloween.  It always changes about 3 or 4 times leading up to the 31st!  This year, my youngest son wants to be one of the Treblemakers from his favorite movie, Pitchperfect (aca-scuse me!).  He already has a red hoodie that we got him for his birthday that says "Treblemaker" on the back and it also has his name on the front.  All we need now is a toy microphone, red shirt, and as he said "I need some cool shoes mom."  Easy. Done. Please don't change your mind again.  
We're still not sure what our oldest son wants to be or if he even wants to dress up anymore.  Sigh...  He's just turned 11 yesterday and I don't know if he feels like getting dressed up is "too kiddy" for him.  Either way, whether he gets dressed up or not,  we're going Trick or Treating!  Stay tuned...he just might change his mind!
And, since we've been talking about Halloween this month, again, I present to you our lunches from last week.
BOO!  This one was my favorite lunch.  Our little ghosts are happy and so stylish with the bow tie.  Not all ghosts have to be scary!  The ghosts are turkey sandwiches with some fruit and crackers on the side.  

More pumpkins! I tried to make a little pumpkin out of a mini cinnamon roll.  His nose looks kind of funny though. =)  Pumpkin shaped sandwich with some Mickey Mouse Chicken nuggets and apples.

The boys took left over spaghetti to school with some garlic bread, grapes and cookies.  I always have a hard time making spaghetti look "nice".  Someone suggested to make monster hair.  I think I'll have to try that out next time.

We're going batty!!  Bat sandwiches with Nutter Butters and apple sauce.  The eyes are little candy eyes and I used fruit leather to make the little fangs.  
I put stickers on the apple sauce cover to go with the theme.

Pizza Friday!  Little mini bagel pizza mummies with grapes and Oreos.  I like how the mummies are looking in different directions.  

Will you our your kids be dressing up for Halloween? Share below in the comments! I would love to hear all of your ideas! =)  


  1. Great job on the lunches!!!! Costumes are so difficult!!! My oldest is going to be a vampire but we are undecided about my toddlers... 2 weeks left to decide!

    1. Thank you Cassandra for visiting! Vampires are fun! 2 toddlers are even more fun! Maybe they can go paired up as something like Buzz Light Year and Woody (not sure if they are boys or girls). Have a great Halloween and hope your kids have fun!

  2. love all of them especially mini pizza mummies ^_^ So cute!