Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Lunches - Part 4 Counting down the days

    Have you had your fill yet of Halloween lunches? Hahaha!! I think I have...well almost.  Just a few more days to go. My youngest is still enjoying his lunches though and that's what matters.  He even helped me make his lunch for Friday.  
    UPDATE!! My oldest son (he's 11) got a costume this weekend!! YAY!!  Last week he still wasn't sure if he wanted to dress up or not.  But he said a few of his friends are AND he found out that they also get to wear their costume to school on Halloween (they weren't able to do this in elementary school).  So I think that was a possibly a deciding factor for him.
     I'm really happy that he decided to dress up this year.  I know that when he gets older he'll probably not want to go Trick Or Treating, but I'll cross that bridge (again!) when we come to it.  
     On to Part 4 of our Halloween of today, Halloween is in 3 more days! 

Baked ravioli's with marinara dipping sauce, apples and rice krispie treats.  
Do I spy creepy zombie hands coming out of the ravioli's?

Cute ghost themed lunch with chicken sandwiches, oranges, grapes and cookies.

Witchy panda bear brewing up some yummies for lunch! There's also
a side of Mac and Cheese and requested by my little one.  It's his fave!

Pop up sandwich using my CuteZCute cutters.  For directions 
on how to make a pop up sandwich click HERE.  I thought this little
kitten holding a pumpkin turned out cute!

Pizza Friday as requested by little one.  He also helped with picking out the food toppers
and put them in himself.  For the pizza's,  I bought the personal size pizza's by
Lean Cuisine and cut it into 4's. I did the same for my older son (minus the Halloween picks of course).  

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