Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back to School...and Boy, Are We Back!

Hello Everyone! Welcome back! I hope that your summer was fun, relaxing and that you had great time with your family! 

Our summer was ~very chill (well, except for this HOT-HOT-HOT weather we've been having in So Cal the last few weeks).  We took our very first family camping trip up to Lake Silverwood. The kids had so much fun sleeping in tents and fishing out on the lake. And the food we ate...seriously, we ate better out there in the wilderness than we did at home. I'm talking steak, potatoes, salmon and of course s'mores!  I'm looking forward to going camping again soon. We also did our usual beach days and DISNEYLAND! =) 

Last week, our 2 boys went back to school. It's official...our oldest son is now in Jr. High (6th Grade). Our youngest is in the 3rd grade.  I wasn't sure what Jr. High kids bring for lunch...but there was still no way that I would want our kids to eat whatever it is that they serve at school. Bleh! And that's just MY PERSONAL OPINION. I asked our oldest if he wanted me to "tone down" his lunches so they weren't so cutesy and he said it didn't matter.  I think he said that because he didn't want to hurt my feelings? =) What a sweetie! 

So below, is our first week of lunches. Cute but not overly cute. Well, ok, except for the last one.  The panda bear was for my littlest one.  Big brother had the same lunch but I cut his sandwich into a square. 

Pizza bagels with strawberries, oranges and granola bar. I also include sugar cookies (my new found love!) to start of their first day of school.

Breakfast for lunch? Why not? Waffles, oranges, grapes, hard boiled eggs and pretzels.

Panda ham & cheese sandwich, peanut butter and jelly rolls, apples and panda cookies.

Thank you all so much for stopping by! We made it through our first week of school! Yippee!! Only 9 more months to go!! =)  

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