Monday, September 16, 2013

My New Found Love

This summer, I fell in love with the art of sugar cookies.  It all started when my niece asked me to make One Direction cookies for her birthday.  And for her, I would do anything. Plus, anything that involves food and art...count me in.

So with that, I searched online for recipes and how-to's on sugar cookies and royal icing. I read different blogs and found my cookie crush, Sweet Sugarbelle. Yes, my cookie crush. Her work is amazing and you can check it out here: I drool over her work and can only hope to achieve that type of cookie perfection one day! 

After a few weeks or so...this was my first attempt. Hello Kitty and Storm Troopers.
Not too shabby in my opinion.  I was playing around with some icing that I made and trying to get a feel for it.  It's not quiet like decorating a cupcake, but you still use different tips.  

I made a few cookies in between for a bridal shower and birthday party.  But fast forward to my niece's big day! I couldn't wait to get these to her.  She asked for One Direction cookies, so auntie delivers! These cookies were inspired by Sweet Sugarbelle and I also used her template (because I really don't know much about 1D or how to even create a 1D cookie platter).

Since then, I've been making cookies here and there.  There wasn't one weekend in August where I wasn't making cookies. It was great!! There were some sleepless nights as I've learned that it takes about 3-4 days to complete the whole process. But it was well worth it at the end of every cookie delivered.

Oh...and my niece, she LOVED the cookies! Yay! And THAT right there, made it all the worth while.  To know that I could do that one little thing to make her birthday special, is priceless.

You'll hopefully be seeing a lot more cookies here on the blog and hopefully I can share tips and what I've learned along the way.  So here's to Cookies and Bentos!

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  1. All of the cookies look great!
    I'm very jealous as I can barely bake normal cookies let alone decorate them!
    My favorites are the 1D cookies, they look great!